Atlantis Strickmützen - dob Berufsbekleidung

2022 CONCEPT Journey is the word that better identifies our path towards a sustainable business. Like every journey, we have been influenced by the natural elements we met on the road and, designing the new collection, we were inspired by the beauty and the pureness of nature, associating each piece of headwear with a symbolic place of this beauty to be preserved. Designing sustainably can be a challenge, but it’s essential to support a healthier, more renewable planet. A single hat does not change the world overnight, therefore we decided to release the new Collection 2022 with hats and beanies only made from organic or recycled materials, trying to raise awareness in the supply chain and to guide people towards an eco-conscious choice. On the road to sustainable headwear.

ON THE ROAD TO SUSTAINABLE HEADWEAR The beginning of our path, by introducing the first Oeko-Tex® models, eco-friendly dyeing and a traceability passport of our products. Launch of the Green Collection in recycled polyester and organic cotton. Release of the first Sustainability Report, to spread our social and environmental impact.

ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 7 Publication of our Code of Conduct and launch of a wider Green Collection with the addition of the Polylana® fiber. Release of the first collection of hats and beanies made only from recycled or organic materials and lower impact production processes.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 9 Third-party Standards & Programs We care about quality and sustainability. We are proud to work with certificated materials, suppliers, and production processes. We are serious about our sustainable mission and we want to prove that we are transparent and trustworthy. We want our hats to be on people's heads as much as possible, since high-quality headwear has a longer life circle. With different certifications we want to give the consumers reassurance that the products they buy have been accredited by a third party. That means that our products are made responsibly and we work together with factories to adhere to strict environmental and social standards.

ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 11 POLYLANA® BELIEVE IN BETTER Polylana® fiber unlocks new potential in fiber creation with reduced environmental impact and enhanced performance capabilities. Reduces environmental impact. Reduces water consumption. Reduces energy emission. Polylana® fiber is an eco-efficient staple fiber with characteristics similar to acrylic and wool fiber, at lower impact. Polylana® fiber allows to be blended with any natural and synthetic fiber to enhance and adjust performance, look, or other characteristics of the final product.

OAK 15 HOLLY 19 MAPLE 17 LOOK FOR THIS ICON TO FIND OUT HOW MANY LITERS OF WATER HAVE BEEN SAVED FOR EACH BEANIE* *water saving of undyed 60% Polylana® 40% Acrylic vs 100% Acrylic Product

ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 13 ACCESSORIES AWARE™ is an integrity solution. A method that can authenticate recycled yarns in a final product to avoid greenwashing. POLYLANA® TECH SPECS Polylana® Fiber is recognized by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Inc.) as a vegan alternative to animal-derived materials. flag label POLYLANA® #believeinbetter positioned inside the beanie. 0 000000 000000 ITEM NAME + COLOR + SIZE*

burgundy mel beige dark grey mel 14 ATLANTIS HEADWEAR

9 L TECH SPECS FEATURES 102 gr. one size Soft yarn recycled polyester olive black light grey mel navy mustard acid green light blue rusty ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 15 OAK MAIN FABRIC: 60% POLYLANA® POLYESTER - 40% ACRYLIC Chunky rib-knitted beanie in soft, warm Polylana® yarn. Single-layer knitting with wide folded cuff and fully fashioned top. Lot of space for embroideries on the front.

royal olive black 16 ATLANTIS HEADWEAR

7 L TECH SPECS FEATURES 80 gr. one size Soft yarn recycled polyester burgundy mel dark grey mel light grey mel mustard navy beige ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 17 MAPLE Knitted beanie in Polylana® that makes it warm, comfortable and sustainable. Finished with a fully fashioned top and patterned with an elegant rib-knitted cuff. Perfect for cold winter days, and small enough to fit easily in a pocket when not in use. MAIN FABRIC: 60% POLYLANA® POLYESTER - 40% ACRYLIC

dark grey mel orange burgundy mel light blue bottle green royal 18 ATLANTIS HEADWEAR

5 L TECH SPECS FEATURES 58 gr. one size Soft yarn recycled polyester mustard navy black light grey mel acid green rusty olive beige ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 19 HOLLY Comfortable knitted beanie in soft Polylana® yarn. Knitted in two layers with a straight cut. Perfect for both everyday use and outdoor life. MAIN FABRIC: 60% POLYLANA® POLYESTER - 40% ACRYLIC

ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 21 Recycled polyester (or rPET) is made by breaking down used plastic (usually bottles) into small, thin chips, which are processed and finally turned into yarn. This is an example of “circular economy”: designing something by using recyclable material. RECYCLED POLYESTER HOW IT’S MADE 1. Used plastic bottles are collected and cleaned 2. Bottles are shredded into tiny pellets 3. Pellets are crushed and melted 4. The molten plastic is extruded and stretched into thread


ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 23 The new models made of recycled material can be identified from a flag woven label inside. ACCESSORIES RECYCLED POLYESTER CERTIFIED RECYCLED POLYESTER Yarn made from polymers obtained by recycling plastic bottles. THE GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD (GRS) is an international, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of Recycled Content and chain of custody. TECH SPECS 0 000000 000000 ITEM NAME + COLOR + SIZE* WHAT YOU'RE SAVING WITH THIS CHOICE 45% OF ENERGY CONSUMPTION* 20% OF WATER USE 30% OF GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSION *source: Repreve

navy olive light grey mel 24 ATLANTIS HEADWEAR

1 TECH SPECS FEATURES 82 gr. one size recycled polyester burgundy beige acid green light blue dark grey mel black mustard ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 25 ANDY Fine rib-knitted beanie with regular cuff and fully fashioned top. Made of 50% recycled polyester and 50% acrylic. Single knitting to hold its shape well. MAIN FABRIC: 50% CERTIFIED RECYCLED POLYESTER - 50% ACRYLIC


2 TECH SPECS FEATURES one size 230 g/m2 recycled polyester black royal navy dark grey ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 27 BIRK Soft and comfortable polar fleece beanie made from recycled polyester with a straight cut. Light, warm and at the same time small enough to easily fit in a pocket when not in use. MAIN FABRIC: 100% CERTIFIED RECYCLED POLYESTER


2.5 TECH SPECS FEATURES 25x28 cm 230 g/m2 recycled polyester dark grey navy black royal ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 29 HOTTY-S Versatile and light neck warmer in comfortable recycled polyester polar fleece with excellent moisture management properties. Ideal for high-output activities in cold weather. Cord adjuster on the top edge for full closure. MAIN FABRIC: 100% CERTIFIED RECYCLED POLYESTER

ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 31 REAWAKENING COLOR Our collection grows every year within a sustainable mindset, building palettes even more natural in our headwear range. Choosing a color has never been easier. NEW COLORS

green bottle orange 32 ATLANTIS HEADWEAR rusty beige light blue acid green

7 L TECH SPECS FEATURES 80 gr. one size Soft yarn recycled polyester light grey melange dark grey mel mustard olive burgundy mel royal black navy ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 33 PURE One of the most famous shapes upgraded with a breakthrough recycling registered process called Polylana®. The Pure beanie mixes classic style with an ultrasoft blend of recycled and virgin yarn that consumes less energy and water than standard yarn in the production process. MAIN FABRIC: 60% POLYLANA® POLYESTER - 40% ACRYLIC

burgundy dark grey mel 34 ATLANTIS HEADWEAR beige

1 TECH SPECS FEATURES 78 gr. one size recycled polyester rusty light grey mel mustard bottle green olive navy black ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 35 SHORE A must have beanie, half recycled, half acrylic. The sustainability of the Shore meets the 90s trend with a large rib knit and a strong personality reminiscent of the vintage fisherman style. MAIN FABRIC: 50% CERTIFIED RECYCLED POLYESTER - 50% ACRYLIC

36 ATLANTIS HEADWEAR light blue beige acid green

1 TECH SPECS FEATURES 65 gr. one size recycled polyester ATLANTIS HEADWEAR 37 RIO The Rio beanie is constructed in 50% recycled polyester and 50% acrylic blend with cuff and a narrow rib knit that ensures style, versatility and a fit suitable for everyone. MAIN FABRIC: 50% CERTIFIED RECYCLED POLYESTER - 50% ACRYLIC navy dark grey mel light grey mel olive mustard black burgundy bottle green

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